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Missing Mortgage Payments But Staying In Homes

In a chapter 13, all mortgage payments must be made on time and kept as agreed. If you do not, your mortgage servicer can foreclose on you, but they must obtain court permission first. This would be done through what is called a motion for relief. Once this is filed, you will have around 2 weeks to defend against it.

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Learn some of the basics about avoiding and handling foreclosures.. criminals like this promise to help you keep your home or sell your home. Don't send mortgage payments to any company that is not your loan servicer.

If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments, act quickly. Contact your mortgage servicer to find out if there are options for you to avoid foreclosure. Respond to your servicer if they try and contact you. You should also contact a HUD-approved housing counselor to get free, expert assistance on avoiding foreclosure. Many mortgage servicers offer programs to help people avoid foreclosure.

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If you have missed one or more mortgage payments, your best option for getting current and remaining in good financial standing is to work out a repayment plan with your lender. This will allow you to make up the payments you missed by paying a little bit each month, in addition to making your monthly mortgage.

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If you can't pay your mortgage or are worried about missing a mortgage payment, call your mortgage servicer right away. You should also.

Mortgage Payment Problems When You Have Significant Home Equity. (Equity is the current market value of your home, less the balance of all existing liens against it.) Your equity protects the lender against loss. If the lender forecloses, your equity covers not only the loan balance, but also the foreclosure expenses and unpaid interest.

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